Australian Special Products Pty Ltd

Small Universal Incubator

Platelet Shaker Orbital/Cyclic motion.

 (5 Shelf System)


The machine is fully         programmable from the front panel, for either      Orbital/Cyclic motion, Time, Speed and many other  functions.  An optional extra can include the UPS system (Uninterrupted Power     Supply) which automatically switches over when mains power fails.  The two       internal  12 Volt DC         batteries re-charge when mains power returns.


Should both mains and  the 2 off 12 Volt batteries fail, a small 9 Volt DC battery,  previously installed during manufacture, will sound the Alarm.


The machine returns to  normal operating mode when mains power          reconnects and the internal batteries will again           re-charge.


100% Australian designed and owned.

Australian Special Products manufactures Laboratory, Medical and Scientific Equipment throughout Australia,     supplying the needs of Hospitals, Universities,                 Pharmaceutical Companies, and as used by the Australian Red Cross Blood ServiceASP assists customers in the design and development of specialised Shakers, Incubator/Temperature controlled Cabinets, as well as generating    engineering Cad drawings for clients approval and at no extra cost.  With an extensive customer base, ASP can provide the needs of any company, no matter how big or small, with top of the range equipment.  Australian Special Products will satisfy the needs of all clients, and since we are so confident in our products,  we now offer an unconditional 5 year   warranty.

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